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$50 off an annual listing with this exclusive

Having a vacation home is a nice luxury and a good spot to run away to escape the stresses of everyday life. But what happens when you’re not using it? Should it just sit there vacant and lonely? List your property on HomeAway and save even more with our exclusive: save $50 on your new listing for 12-months.

Of course customers can still take advantage of the regular coupons and deals listed on our HomeAway coupon page.

Exclusive HomeAway CouponDetails: $50 off a new 12-month listing with this exclusive code
Expires: 31st May, 2012
Visit HomeAway here

Keep in mind that even though you need to list using the .com section of the site, that your listing will be featured on the .ca site and that the code will still work.Home Away

Renting is a great way to not only pay the bills associated with your property but also to help secure an additional income for your everyday life. Listing your property is easy as well and you can set up the rental price per day, week or even month. I have yet to try the service, but it seems super easy and perfect for beginners.

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