Create your Own Calendar and Save 50% Off at Snapfish Canada

Save 50% off calendars at Snapfish Canada

It’s a bit hard to plan ahead for Valentine’s Day, but since it is right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning something unique and personalized for your loved one. Design a calendar for them by customizing it to their tastes. Make the permanent monthly reminder of good memories happen at Snapfish Canada and save 50% off calendars.

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Details: Get 50% off Calendars
Expires: 17th March, 2013
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Snapfish ItemWant a great idea of something to give your significant other? Try and find pictures from a memorable event that happened each month last year with at least one of you in the shot. Did you go to Cuba on a romantic getaway in May? Place the picture inside the calendar for the month of May. Do you celebrate an anniversary in November? Find a picture of when you first met and put it in that month!

Starting at $19.99 for just the basics, this amazing gift come up to as little as $9.99 with priceless memories inside!

What will you create for your loved one?

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