Save up to $150 off on Select Vaio Laptops from Sony Canada

Up to $150 off select Vaio laptops from Sony

A computer and laptop is a good investment if you need one for day-to-day life. From gamers to professionals that rely on this piece of technology to get by, paying more to get the latest tech is a smart option for the long run, but not always a viable one. Check out our Sony Canada page to grab some of the latest coupons, I selected 3 of the latest and greatest to show you what Sony has to offer right now, like up to $150 on select Vaio laptops.

There are three codes in all, each one for a different style of Vaio:

Details: Enjoy $80 off on a Sony VAIO 15” E Series Customizable Laptop
Expires: Not Provided
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Details: Take$100 off on a Sony VAIO 15” S series Customizable Laptop.
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Details: Get $150 off on a Sony VAIO 13” T and S Series Customizable Ultrabook.
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The laptops are all loaded with Windows 8 as well, so you’ll be operating on the newest operating system around.Vaio Laptop I’ve never gotten my hands on a Vaio laptop, but I’ve only heard good things about them. With a starting price for the E series at $699, you can’t go wrong.

The 15” version boasts 6GB in memory and a decent graphics card for all your gaming needs. With the rebate, it comes out to $619 for this powerhouse.

Have you owned a Sony Vaio? What did you think?

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