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Carefully designing a photo book can be hard work; all the planning, the editing and the creative element that always evades most of us….it’s not easy. If you haven’t at least dabbled in the services offered at MyPublisher, you don’t know what you are missing out on! They provide a mostly stress-free alternative to making your very own photo book and they are helping you create memories for a lifetime. Why not make a book about your son or daughter and fill it full of embarrassing pictures of their youth so you can show their boyfriend/girlfriend? That will surely make a lasting impression on all parties involved.Cute Kid

For a limited time, you can procure your own tools of embarrassment (or fond memories, either or!) and save up to 70% off. Choose either a classic or deluxe photo book up to 100 pages. Both books usually only have 20 pages for free, with each extra page costing $0.99-$1.99 each. To give you an idea about how much you’ll be saving:

  • A classic photo book with 100 pages is valued at $115. With the code, it comes down to $35.
  • A deluxe photo book with 100 pages is valued at $230. With the code, it comes down to $70.

Even your little teenager that will blush when you show them your new method of torture will surely appreciate how much you saved. Don’t delay; this offer is done and dusted on July 23rd.

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Coupon: Save up to 70% on Classic Photo books and Deluxe Photo books up to 100 pages.

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