Small Potatoes Coupon Code

bedbathstore.comThe small Canadian store Small Potatoes has a new coupon code for customers to get 15% off all purchases.

Small Potatoes is the cutest Canadian online kids store selling everything from Barrettes to Nursing Covers.

Offer: 15% off
Redemption Code: YOU ROCKuse coupon
Ends: Unknown

It’s always nice to feature a new Canadian online store, especially when they are 100% Canadian owned. They are based in Winnipeg and they ship Canada wide.

You can now purchase Hats, Mei Tai Baby Carriers, Nursing Covers, Pants, Pouch Style Baby Slings, Barrettes, Bibs , Binky Leashes, Blankies, Burp Cloths, Changing Pods, Diaper Clutches, Dresses, Drinky Leashes from


  1. Holly Clarke says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing the coupon code for my website, Small Potatoes. Unfortunately, you posted the wrong URL, it should go to: – thanks, Holly

  2. Myra Good says:

    I had a coupon for your product but was unable to use it. The coupon I had was for a free 2 pound bag of little potatoes. I am from Cranbrook, B.C. amd the stores here only carry the 2.25kg bag. Thank you….

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