Sony Canada Store; Exclusive Promo Code

We have 2 new exclusive promo codes that can be used on Sony laptops! The first one that expires on the 4th of July, will get you $150 off the purchase of a Sony VAIO F series laptop.

And the second one can be used across the whole Sony Canada store to get up to $100 off your purchase. This one expires at the end of August, so take your time to shop around and you can even wait to see what back to school deals are going to be available to double up on your discounts.

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Coupon: Get $150 off the Sony VAIO F series laptop with this coupon code.
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Coupon: Exclusive code to get $10 off 150$+, $25 off $300+, $40 off $500+ or $100 off $1000+.

I’m just starting to shop for a new laptop because the only one I have right now is a 10″ HP laptop that I bought for traveling, and it’s not any better than just ok. It’s really not built for doing anything else than surfing the Internet or doing some basic stuff with it.

My brother, who is my tech specialist, recommended that I look for a Sony one because their laptops are supposed to be quality machines. So I contacted Sony, and owing to our special relationship with this store they were nice enough to give us these exclusive Sony coupons and offers available now.

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