Stay Organized for Less with 30% Off Academic Agendas at Indigo

30% off at Indigo

I’m getting better at organizing my daily and monthly routines, but I’ll be honest and say that I’m still working on it! If you’re like me and a daily planner filled with notes helps you survive, then take a look over at Indigo at their selection of agendas marked down to 30% off*.

Plus, in the act of trying to be more frugal—and just plain smart, I’m doubling down by adding a code to save a bonus $5 off thanks to our Indigo coupon page, I pasted the one I’m going to use below, but go to the other page for the newest codes after August.

Details: $5 off when you spend $30
Expires: 31st August, 2012
Visit Indigo here

Kitty Nap TimeBack in high school, we were given an agenda and–when we weren’t decorating them with the latest pictures of the hottest celebs–it was honestly quite useful and helpful to have around. I’ve picked up one in my adult years to help keep track of important dates, appointments, birthdays…the whole kit. Even in this day and age were Facebook reminds you of birthdays and you can schedule tasks on the smartphone of your choice, writing them down is always better and more handy—you get to tick them off or cross them out which gives me an enormous sense of well being and accomplishment. Anyway a website or device could stop working at any given time; a hand-written page won’t.

* Keep in mind though that the sale on the agendas ends August 26th. Shipping is also free when you spend $25 or more.

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