Students Only; Get an Xbox 360 with your Laptop at

Are there any students out there planning on buying a new laptop for the Fall 2012 semester? If that’s you, you might want to consider buying it from Dell Canada, because you could get an Xbox 360 with your purchase. I’m no sure if it’s a good idea though because this is the perfect distraction to your studies–Stephen still thinks the PS3 should have been invented after he finished university.

Anyway, the offer is valid only on orders of select computers of $699 or more. Use the following link to find out more–like what computers qualify. This limited time promotion that ends on the 7th of September.

Read more about the Dell student offers

Funny XboxThis is a funny one for all the girls who think that their boyfriend spends too much time playing on the Xbox ;) As you can see I personally am not a fan of game consoles like Stephen and Erin who are your geek squad when it comes to video games.

I don’t know what’s up with this kind of image, but they are now everywhere and people use them for everything on facebook. It’s like mad men has stepped out of the TV screen–Love it!

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