Support a Charity and Eat Something Tasty at Dairy Queen (July 26th)

Alright, this is going to the first and last time I’m going to encourage you, my frugal-friends, to do this: I want you to ignore your budget for a day and spend money. I realize I’m being super hypocritical, but it’s for a good cause. On July 26th, Dairy Queen is having their annual Miracle Treat Day. When you buy a Blizzard, all proceeds over a $1 go straight to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.
Miracle Kid
I recently had a huge conversation with a nurse who works in the ICU of the Montreal’s Children’s’ Hospital and, honestly, it was a huge eye-opener. We hear about all the great stories they show in advertising, but she was telling me about all the un-told stories; like how much of a huge difference it can make in a child’s recovery when he gets a wish come true or when he meets his favorite person, or even just a kind word. Hospitals are never a fun place to be, and foundations like this are not only beneficial, but extraordinary in helping children get better.

Also, you can “Join” the event on Facebook and an extra $1 will be giving to the foundation per person who joins (up to $50,000). If we don’t have a Vouchercodes office field trip on the 26th to get Blizzards, I’m sure stopping by my local store that I pass by daily. I encourage you all to do the same.

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