Teavana $10 off Coupon & a Free Sample w/Purchase

We are avid tea drinkers here in the office, and we usually make at least one pot while we work. Combine my new love for tea and my favorite word (that word being: Free!) I have found not only a free sample of tea for you today, but also a $10 off coupon code as well (the free sample is with a purchase, so it’s not totally free). I haven’t heard of Teavana before, but I’m liking their selections already. Like this Apple, Lemon and Pomegranate Rooibos tea, for example, just looks super tasty.

With every order, no matter how much it is, they are including a free sample of their Blueberry Kona Pop Tea Blend. Shipping is free with orders over $50. With the code below, you can save $10 on orders $60 or more. There’s no expiry date listed for either offer, but it’s safe to assume its a limited time offer.

Tip: If you do plan on buying $50 worth, go the extra mile and pick a few things you would like to try so your total comes out to $60 instead (so to qualify for the coupon). That way, you still qualify for free shipping and it’s like you’re getting even more freebies. If you have ordered from them before or have tried their products, let me know! We are always up for trying a new tea in the office. Use the comment system, that’s what its for.

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