Threadless $10 Tees Sale

TreadlessThreadless is having another $10 tee sale that we love! It just started yesterday and it’s going on until Thursday October 14th, so you still have a few days to enjoy it. We’ve already talked about Threadless cool designs in previous posts so I’m not sure what to add on top of that…except that their tees and hoodies are really nice and I think you will love them just like I do. Honestly I justTreadless never know which one is my favorite, they just have so many nice drawings available.

This is a great sale as tees are normally priced $18, $20 or $25 US. And they ship to Canada for a flat rate of $10, so time to stock up on tees and hoodies! There are no coupon codes required, you just need to go online and enjoy the $10 tees and $30 hoodies. And you might want to hurry up as normally medium sizes sell really fast…

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