Only a Dollar all Summer…

It’s been ages since Tim Hortons had an offer worthy of talking about, so it was about time we had something fun to say about Timmy’s.

They just released a new drink: a frozen drink (not the home-style kind unfortunately for me) in either raspberry or lemon flavours and in celebration of the launch and a great way to get free publicity (cite this page :) they are selling them at the bank breaking cost of $1 (for a small) until the end of the summer (by the way this is a not an official date, just them trying to take advantage of McDonald’s slogan ~ you know, the one that won’t leave your media confounded brain “only a dollar….all summer..”) And we assume that the $1 is before tax, which will be different in every province of this fine country, so I can’t guess at it unfortunately.

I think Tim Hortons is a franchise and like all franchise not all outlets will be participating in the offer, but when it comes to Timmy’s they usually do (I haven’t found one contrary to a promotion… ever)

If I handled this epically poorly and you still don’t have a clue what this promo is about then there is help for that either here or here.

~ not the actual advert, but better IMO

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