Tim Hortons Camp Day on June 6th

When you were younger, did you ever get the chance to go to a camp and spend a few days in the woods? Do you remember it with fond memories and did you come back with plenty of exciting tales? Across Canada and the United States, 1 in 6 children live in economically disadvantaged homes and never get the opportunity to go to a camp. With the help of the Tim Hortons Children Foundation, they are able to help send just over 13,000 kids a year to a camp where they can learn and grow.

How can you help? Break your frugality for this one day and buy a coffee from Tim Hortons; every penny from coffee sales goes straight to the foundation. If you would like to make a bigger contribution, there’s also a section called the ‘Camp shop’ where for just a mere $5, you can donate a backpack or a t-shirt or even a cabin to a child in need.

I don’t normally write about charity drives by big companies (because sometimes they have ulterior motives), but Timmy’s is a real Canadian treasure and I am a big believer in getting outdoors and that kids deserve to enjoy the wilderness of Canada.

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