Travelodge Canada 15% off code

I prefer other hotels to Travelodge hotels (if you feel the same search for hotels in the search bar to get other deals), but if you are a fan of Travelodge then you can use this code to get 15% off your stay when you spend 2 or more nights. You also need to book online at Travelodge Canada.

Description:Get 15% off if you spend 2 or more nights.
Promo Code: “SDI”
Ends: 30th April 2010
Description:Get 15% off or more when you spend 2 or more nights with this code;
Promo Code: “20646”

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  1. I was a supporter a frequent guest of Travelodge. (10 to 30 nights a year).
    They had a plan for vouchers that could be used anywhere and anytime.
    I ordered vouchers for a vacation that was later postponed.
    A few years later I gave the vouchers to family for a trip.
    They were told the vouchers were only good for 12 months.
    It was in small print on the back of the vouchers.
    I called their office and was told the same that they would honor the voucher.
    Shame on me for believing in the anywhere & anytime.
    Be apprehensive of the Travelodge deals they don’t always honor them.

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