Protect your Four-Legged Friend from Ticks and Fleas Thanks to up to 50% off at Petcarerx

Up to 50% off at Petcarerx

Pet owners, it’s time to protect your favorite four-legged friend against the harms of summer! Fleas, ticks and heartworms are coming out to play and they have their sights on your furry companion. Take aim against them thanks to the superpowers at Petcarerx and save up to 50% off these medications for a limited time. We also have a bonus 15% off code to save even more on your quest to vanquish these evil bringers of doom.

Speaking of superpowers, did you know that Chuck Norris once shot a flea through the heart with a .44 Magnum? True story.

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Expires: 31st March, 2013
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Growing up, we always had dogs in my household and this time of year was always associated with the start of flea medication. While fleas are more common in dogs, it can also affect cats and other animals.

The Advantage II Plus treatment is one that we have used on multiple occasions because of its effectiveness in preventing fleas and ticks. They come in different doses depending on the size of the dog and it is also waterproof, meaning that your pet can still enjoy getting into everything and anything.

Prescription medication can’t be shipped to Canada, but anything that doesn’t require a prescription can be shipped to our glorious and native land! Let us know what you use to fight against fleas in the comment box below.

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